About uscc

I met my first Labrador in 1994, and I was very lucky that I could have a daughter
of Balrion Black and Tan as my first Labrador.

This black girl had the most marvelous temper and she became our lovable family.

Her appearance was a remarkable event of my life;
I found the dogs to spend my life with. Because of her,

 I became a captive of Labrador 13 years ago, and I am a Labrador breeder right now.

I set up JKC Kyoto Labrador Retriever Club in 1999, and I, of course,
hold JKC official dog shows, the brotherhood with club members and lovely freinds
work shops and so on.

 Also, personally, Ifm involved in NPO and visit nursing homes or hospice
with my Labradors.

Moreover, with local government, we hold workshops for people
who are going to have dogs to tell them what they need.

Since 1997, I and my freinds have held many wonderful dog shows
inviting judges from overseas.
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And we learned from them a lot. 

In 2007 April, I was invited to the seminar of Potomac Speciality show in USA
as the first guest speaker from Japan
and presented gthe situations and development of the Labrador in Japan.h

That made me so confident and I had a wonderful experience. 

We perform breeding only for pursuing and maintaining the type
which realizes our ideals, or improving the qualities of this brilliant
and incomparable breed of Labradors.

We are definitely serious hobby breeder and never breed or sell puppies commercially.  

On breeding, we try to register dogs with the organizations
which examine hereditary diseases, and limit breeding only with
appropriate dogs cleared from those diseases to improve dogsf healthiness.

I strongly believe that the most important thing for dogs is to have healthy body
whether they flourish in shows or spend their life in home.

And those are what breeders always have to remember and be responsible.

Since I was a small girl, I have been fascinated by dogs
and been longing to have a Collie by watching TV program gLassie.h

After growing up, I met Labradors and they became part of my life;.

They always tell me human beings are just creatures of the earth,
they make me think of the nature and the earth, they teach me what love is.
Thatfs really happy to always have something to love.

We are only a small kennel and not able to breed as many puppies as we want,
but we hope Norbulingka Labradors can contribute to the best future
and can be your best partners.

with my best regards,
Kaori Chiba